RITRATTI DI SURF is a web series of 12 episodes and a 68 minutes film about surfers, shapers, artists and other characters connected to the Italian surf culture.

“Can you surf in Italy?” It’s one of the questions that local Italian surfers are more often asked. Ritratti di Surf tries to give an answer to this question through a web series (still available as sigle episodes for free on Vimeo/block10) and a movie. The movie contains all the episodes such as:

Alessandro Ponzanelli, 4 times Italian Longboarding Champion;
David Pecchi, underground hero of Tuscan surf;
Oliver Parker, longboard rising star and friend of Onde Nostre, who lived in Florence and often visits Italy;
Ricky Brotini, surfer and artist, born in Tuscany with California in his soul;
Amanda Chinchelli, Elisabetta Dal Bello and Natalia Resmini, three friends separated by life but united by their love of surfing;
– Tales of trips and adventures of italian surfers in their constant search for waves from Sardinia to Africa to California to France.

The videos have been shot between 2011 and 2013 by the authors of Onde Nostre, some episodes, were selected by several film festivals around the world including SAL Surf At Lisbon Film Festival 2013, International Surf Film Festival Anglet 2103, Nord/Nordwest Surf Film Festival Berlin, San Diego Surf Film Festival 2013, Areatoa Surf Film festival New Zeland 2013, Canarias Surf Film festival 2013, Never Stop Surf Film Fest Salinas 2013, Byron Bay Surf Film Festival 2013 and others.


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