ONDE NOSTRE is the first Italian surf movie shot in 16mm, it’s a life style documentary film that show the peculiarity of the Italian surf scene even in a country that’s not usually considered a top destination for waves.

We travelled in spring of 2010 between Liguria, Tuscany and the western part of Sardinia. The film breathes the grand and powerful landscapes where nature and our surfers are living in symbiosis. We had the chance to get into the lives of our riders, recording their emotions, their expectations and their joy.

Onde Nostre is a tribute to our sea (Mare Nostrum) and to the their people that keep on searching, believing in a simple life style made of small but important values: friendship, nature, the joy of doing what we love to do.

ONDE NOSTRE has been officially selected for the San Diego Surf Film Festival, Anglet Surf Film Festival, Cologne Surf Film Festival, Nord Nord West Surf Film Festival in Hamburg and Berlin, SAL Surf at Lisbon Surf Film Festival, Honolulu Surf Film Festival and more.

ONDE NOSTRE is available for dowload through all the major digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and more).

Onde Nostre is not just a Film, anymore! it’s a project about Italian surfing culture, it’s also a 160 pages coffee table book with a CD included «Guarda Dove ti ho Portato».

Onde Nostre is a BLOCK10 Production
Directed by Luca Merli
Written by Luca Merli and Matteo Ferrari
Surfers: Thomas Cravarezza, Alessandro Ponzanelli, Pierpaolo Pito Giachero, David Pecchi, Lorenzo Castagna.
Edited by Marco Ferrara and Luca Merli
Graphic design and calligraphy by Luca Barcellona
Onde Nostre Locandina

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