Paolo Tacchella

paolo bn
Drone operator, Filmmaker
Paolo describes himself as a multimedia content surfer.
His skills crossing through web, photography, filmmaking and social media make him the perfect figure to talk during a briefing before starting a work.
The no-stopping search for versatility and change has led him to approach the world of aerial cinematography in 2014, which today is considered to be an essential resource to create a high quality multimedia product. His work is meticulous and precise and he loves to shoot outdoor activities, for commercials, documentaries and video clips.

With all the required permissions to operate in Italy (ENAC) and worldwide, Paolo sync perfectly with the work of Directors, DoPs and filmmakers with speed and skills, improving it with creativity with and the awesome drone’s POV.

Since 2017, within the Onde Nostre / Block10’s crew, Paolo became DJI Content Partner and its aerial shoots are part of the latest video projects of our production company.

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