Filippo Maffei

Photography, Surf, Commercial
In 2012, I had the great pleasure of connecting with Filippo in his homeland of Italy, while working on the Bella Vita film. In a very short time we transitioned from perfect strangers to family. Filippo is an easy character to hang/work with and his humbled, yet skilled approach allowed him to capture some of the most beautiful photographs of our adventure. I really honor the times we were able to live and work together. From the day we met, it was apparent that Filippo harnessed a spiritual connection towards his photography. His comfortability with film and digital, capturing natural spaces, and his uncanny ability to get very authentic portraits makes him invaluable to any team. Like so many finely tuned Italian crafts, Filippo’s photography has transitioned far beyond mere photos and comfortably found their place as works of art. It has been a true joy watching him start his career from humble beginnings and evolve into fantastic new visual spectrums for the world to feast upon. (Words by Christopher del Moro)

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